How To Create THREE Set-And-Forget Daily Income Streams Thanks To

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Darren Jenkins


Greg Owen


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Every year, $9 Trillion is taken from our hard-earned money through various hidden fees and charges by financial institutions.

Imagine capturing a slice of $9 Trillion every year. Even if you captured 0.0001% of this market, you’d be a multi-millionaire.

Well, that’s what’s possible with Decentralized Finance, also known as ‘DeFi’.

DeFi is democratizing finance the same way the internet democratized information.

In a nutshell, Decentralized finance is new financial technology that challenges the current centralized banking system. DeFi eliminates the fees that banks and other financial institutions charge for using their services because transactions are peer-to-peer.

So the introduction of DeFi changes EVERYTHING. It means that people like you and me can now get paid in various ways – daily – by performing transactions using blockchain technology. The same way banks and financial institutions have been profiting from performing transactions for centuries.

And for the first time, DeFi expert Darren Jenkins will show you how.

So during this LIVE training, Darren will share:

  • Strategy #1: How to generate passive income thanks to ‘staking’ – get paid to lock your crypto assets safely for a period of time (this is set-and-forget!)
  • Strategy #2: How to make daily gains from lending & borrowing (a super effective way to create another income stream that just requires a few minutes a week of your time)
  • Strategy #3: How to make daily, recurring income thanks to liquidity pools (it takes a few minutes to set up and you don’t have to do anything else after, just collect your gains when you want to, daily if you wish!)

Here’s what kind of returns are available right now from Strategy #1 alone:

109%, 22%, 24% APR on these DeFi cryptos is staggering! Especially when you consider what a traditional savings account offers.

And here’s what Darren's been making DAILY from Strategy #3:

(*this screenshot is from gains made in 24 hours - $60 USD collected in fees in a single day from $1,324 in capital)


2am London
*Equivalent to Wed, Feb 15th at 9pm (New York)

PLUS, Darren will demonstrate:

  • What DeFi is and why it’s the future of finance and the end of hidden costs, fees, banks, and middlemen
  • Decentralized finance versus centralized finance, and why DeFi is a movement that will allow anyone to be free from financial institutions and banks
  • Why Decentralized Finance could lead to the biggest wealth transfer we’ve ever seen
  • Why traditional banking is about to be completely disrupted and what it means for your money
  • How to understand and profit from this new era of finance
  • The biggest DeFi myths debunked, and why DeFi could be your chance to build generational wealth
  • Why your next moves in this bear market is what really counts and why mastering DeFi NOW is perfect timing

Look, DeFi could lead to the biggest wealth transfer we’ve ever seen. And this live training is your opportunity to learn how to profit from it RIGHT NOW.


2am London
*Equivalent to Wed, Feb 15th at 9pm (New York)

Now I want to be very clear.

This training is not:

  • A get-rich-quick scheme – it’s for people to understand and take advantage of this revolutionary and life-changing new technology
  • A promise to make huge gains every day – it’s for people who want to make small, consistent gains daily
  • For people who don’t understand the importance of risk management – it’s for people who want to learn how to manage and minimize risk
  • For people who don’t take their financial future seriously – it’s for people who are committed to creating financial freedom and multiple passive income streams through financial education
  • For people who want to create another little income stream – it’s for people who want to be part of something big (and be among the few early adopters)


2am London
*Equivalent to Wed, Feb 15th at 9pm (New York)

We look forward to seeing you on this life-changing training.

Greg Owen

Greg Owen

About Your Instructor

Darren Jenkins

Darren Jenkins is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and wealth creation strategist passionate about helping people from all walks of life invest in cryptocurrencies for maximum returns while minimizing risks.

Darren's been coaching and educating wealth creation for over 7 years now, and behind the scenes is responsible for some of X10 Effect's biggest success stories.

Until recently, you may have seen him speaking at live events all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, England, and Thailand.

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