Jim Rickards reveals:

The biggest economic disruptor in over 70 years the world has ever seen that will make central banks a laughing stock – and how to capitalize on this unique window of opportunity

Tuesday, May 25th - 11am AEST (Sydney)
***Equivalent to Monday, May 24th – 9pm EDT (New York)

James Rickards

Sunday, May 25th - 11am AEST (Sydney)
***Equivalent to Saturday, May 24th – 9pm EDT (New York)

Watch the compelling, intriguing, insightful and most polarizing presentation on the future of gold, real estate, the stock market, cryptocurrencies and the US dollar by household name in the finance industry…


If you’re an investor or trader, unsure of what your next moves should be in today’s neurotic economic environment, wait until you watch the LIVE presentation that could dramatically impact your future wealth.

James Rickards is gearing up to discuss in depth the future of the economy and how to make more informed investment decisions in 2021 and beyond.

About James G. Rickards

James G. Rickards is an American lawyer, economist, investment banker, speaker, media commentator, and New York Times bestselling author on matters of finance and precious metals. He is the author of Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis, The New Case for Gold and “The New Great Depression, Winners and Losers in Post-Pandemic World”. He is known internationally for predicting the worst economic crisis in history.


Many remember the global financial crisis of 2008 and how it all started. What people might not know is that Jim Rickards predicted all that happened back then.

James Rickards was a national security advisor for the Pentagon and the CIA. He also advised members of President Trump’s cabinet, and gave the Federal Reserve a hand when America was about to enter a $1.3 trillion financial crisis, back in 1998.

Jim is not so optimistic about the future. 

He believes the economy will fall like a domino.

This is why we’ve asked him to share his predictions on how to turn the crash and what is about to unfold in the next 18 months into the opportunity of a lifetime to make generational wealth in a one-off livestream

LIVE Virtual Event

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Tuesday, May 25th - 11am AEST (Sydney) 

***Equivalent to Monday, May 24th – 9pm EDT (New York)

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James will answer your most burning questions, backed with an impressive array of evidence:

  • Should you buy gold or wait?
  • Are we about to experience inflation?
  • What is the safest investment in the coming months and years?
  • Are we over the pandemic and on the road to recovery?
  • Will US stocks continue to rally?
  • 65% stock market crash?
  • Will interest rates rise or fall? 
  • Will the Dollar lose value?
  • Will gold protect you during inflation?
  • What to own as a long term investor? Cash? Real estate? Businesses?
  • What is about to unfold in the next 3 months, 6 months and year?
  • Are we heading towards a massive currency crisis the likes the world has never seen?
  • Is bitcoin a bubble? Is bitcoin a ponzi or pyramid scheme?
  • What is in store for real estate in Australia, the US and Europe? Will house prices head north or are we closing in on a never-before-seen bust?

No doubt you’ll get cutting-edge insights based on real research you simply won’t find anywhere else – especially not in the mainstream media.


These potentially lucrative insights could be worth millions this year and beyond.

Plus, Jim will share his considered opinion on:

  • Bitcoin vs. Gold and the future of money
  • The actual math behind how Jim Rickards comes to his 10k-50k gold price.
  • What he believes to be the safest asset in the world
  • What threatens the dollar, and can make gold prices soar way faster
  • Why buying Bitcoin is like playing with fire
  • The bubble that just won’t go away that could destroy the US dollar
  • The vaccine rollout and how it will impact the world economy and life as we know it
  • The countries that are about to enter a severe recession
  • What really makes Bitcoin move so fast and what to watch out for if you own or trade Bitcoin
  • What Jim’s research reveals about how the economy is going to shift radically over the next 18 months - and how you can make extreme profits from what’s unfolding

Don't miss this rousing and very polarizing presentation and go beyond the mainstream media to make more informed decisions as an investor and trader.  

Tuesday, May 25th 11am AEDT (Sydney)

This is your chance to gain the research-based, expert information you need to prepare, protect and potentially profit from one of the biggest profit opportunities in a century because this online conference will not be repeated

LIVE Virtual Event

You will be sent an email with the access link after you register!

Tuesday, May 25th - 11am AEST (Sydney) 

***Equivalent to Monday, May 24th – 9pm EDT (New York)

Time left until registration closes:

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