How to Profit from the Next Cryptocurrency Boom Ahead

Aden Michielson


Harry Dent


In this session you will discover:

  • How to quickly get started investing in cryptocurrencies the safe and easy way
  • The single biggest MISTAKE most people make when getting started
  • How much time is required, and the minimum outlays to experience returns from
  • How to grow your Cryptocurrency portfolio on virtual autopilot

  • CASE STUDY: How a FIFO worker from Perth made over $100,000 from a $983 investment in less than 90 days

Plus, you will receive the answers to these burning questions with an impressive array of evidence:

  • Will Bitcoin disrupt the whole financial system and the stock market?
  • Does blockchain technology have the potential of disrupting industries such as financial services, remaking business practices such as accounting and auditing, and enabling new business models?
  • Can Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies be shut down?
  • Is Bitcoin and are cryptocurrencies in general, a threat to banks?

  • What are the negatives of Bitcoin?
  • What happens when all 21 million Bitcoins are mined?
  • Is the future of banking Bitcoin and Blockchain?
  • Is Bitcoin acting like gold?
  • Is Bitcoin moving like an inflationary hedge and/or a safe haven?

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