The fiery economic debate set to shake people up, that could change your fortune.

Bubble Burst DENT vs Gold Bug SCHIFF

World-renowned speakers share their opinions on the threats we’re facing - and how to respond.

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The Great Economic Heavyweight Championship of the World

About Harry Dent

  • Harry Dent is a bestselling author and renowned economic forecaster.
  • Dent predicted Japan’s 1989 economic collapse, the dotcom bubble and the US.
  • Subprime bust - all well ahead of time.
  • In the late 1980s, he predicted the coming Japanese slowdown.
  • In his famous book The Great Boom Ahead, published in 1993, he was the only one who predicted the unanticipated ‘boom’ of the 1990s.

About Peter Schiff

  • Peter Schiff is an American stockbroker, financial commentator, radio personality and the leading gold bug in the US.
  • He is CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc.

This debate will get really heated and hostile… expect some yelling and microphone tossing.

Don't miss this rousing discussion and go beyond the mainstream media to plan your course to profit whether you’re an investor or trader.

What’s the point of this event?

Both Harry Dent and Peter Schiff have been talking about a collapse of the economy.

But interestingly, their views are spurred by different beliefs.

They each have a unique perspective on the future of the world economy.

They back their opinions by their own research.

And they disagree with each other.

That’s why we invited them to discuss the political and economic climate during this debate.

We don’t expect either of them will change the other’s mind.

But they might change yours...

So you can be well informed about what’s coming and can make smart choices to protect and grow your wealth - even during the economic downturn!

How are their beliefs differ from each other?

  • Peter says the gold price will skyrocket.
  • Dent on the other hand argues that its price will crash.
  • Peter Schiff believes US stocks will continue to rally.
  • Harry Dent adamantly disagrees. He sees deflation from over $200 trillion of financial assets and loans disappearing from a major crash and deep economic downturn.
  • Peter sees infinitely more money printing at every step of the downturn, rising inflation turning into hyperinflation and fiat currencies collapsing.
  • Harry on the other hand sees inflation coming in financial assets through the already greatest bubbles ever in all financial assets, including bonds.

But they can’t both be right at the same time!

So who will win this debate?

Book your seat to find out!

Here’s just a glimpse of what they will debate:

  • Are we headed toward an inflation or deflation cliff?
  • Will US stocks continue to rally or are we headed towards a 65% stock market crash?
  • Will interest rates rise or fall?
  • Will the dollar lose value?
  • Will gold protect you during inflation?
  • What to own as a long term investor? Cash? Real estate? Businesses?
  • What is about to unfold in the next 3 months, 6 months and a year?
  • What are the long and short-term implications of the Presidential election results on investors' portfolios?
  • Who are going to be the winners and the losers after the US elections?
  • Are we heading towards a massive currency crisis the likes the world has never seen?
  • Is Bitcoin a bubble? Or is it a Ponzi/pyramid scheme?
  • What is in store for real estate in Australia, the US and Europe?
  • Will house prices head north or are we closing in on a never-before-seen bust?

Plus, Harry and Peter will share their opinions on:

  • The future of the fiat money, specifically the US Dollar and the gold standard
  • The best way to take advantage of a changing market and economic cycles
  • Bitcoin vs. gold and the future of money
  • The major warning signs every investor and trader should be aware of

We expect both to throw nasty punches at each other.

But after flurries of punches, who will be unable to keep the pace?

Who will make the most convincing case?

Who will successfully defend his belt?

What common ground do they share?

And who, in the fullness of time, will be proven right and gain the heavyweight title?

One of the key things they agree on could make you reshape your strategy dramatically over the next 6 months.

If you want to get answers to your burning questions and find out...

Then secure your seat now.

You’ll get evidence-backed insights you simply won’t find anywhere else – especially not in the mainstream media.

Watch this debate and get ahead of the crowd!

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