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Cryptocurrency Fast

Launch Program


Cryptocurrency Fast

Launch Program

3 x $1997

So Here’s What You Get:

The Modules

Module 1 – Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin and Blockchain
Module 2 – Your Critical First Step, Security
Module 3 – Let’s Buy Your First Bitcoin
Module 4 – My Best Bitcoin Storage Solutions
Module 5 – How to Buy Any Cryptocurrency on the Market
Module 6 - How to Find the Right Cryptocurrency Wallet for You
Module 7 – My Biggest Lessons Learnt
Module 8 – How To Live Fiat Free Today

Value: $1,497 x 8 = $11,976

Ultimate Cryptocurrency Buying & Selling Guide

  • Easy proven systems and strategies to invest in Cryptocurrencies with confidence.
  • My most powerful tool to enter and exit the market like a Pro.
  • Helps capitalize more on your investments.
  • Avoid the big mistakes most people make when they get started.

Value: $1,497

The Next Trillion Dollar Market Happening In Cryptocurrencies – Exclusive Online Training Course

  • This will be the biggest transfer of wealth in history that’s already begun.
  • This space is moving fast, everyday there is a new opportunity just waiting to be realised. I share with you what is currently working and how you can get awesome results. 

Value: $2,500

Market Mindset Training

Understanding how this works is your road map to riches.
This is what’s made some of the wealthiest people on the planet today…

I will teach you exclusively how to ride the volatility and make it work for you …. So you never get caught in the hype.

Value: $1,497

Six One Hour – 1-1 Skype Calls

Calls: 6 Skype calls with your very own private coach to guide you through the Cryptocurrency Fast Launch Program.

Plus you will receive one-on-one phone support to help guide you through using the Cryptocurrency Fast Launch Program. 9am to 5pm weekdays.

Value: $6,500

Unlimited Email Support

Email Support: 12 Months Unlimited Email Support to Fast Track Your Way to Success.

Value: $2,500


Ultimate Passive Income Strategies

My very own guide to everything you need to know about creating multiple streams of income from Cryptocurrencies.

Take an in-depth dive to really understand this market, and the capacity that it has to change the world as we know it.

Value: $1,997


How To Find The Next 100x Coin!

Want to know how I found projects that returned 100x plus returns?

Use my formula which has taken me thousands of hours to refine so you can now separate the diamonds from the rough, and look for that next 100x coin!

Value: $2,500


My Entire Portfolio &  Crypto Confidential Report Collection

  • Fast track your success.
  • Look over my shoulder and see the trades I do.
  • Over 2,000 hours of collective research by me and my team.
  • Take a deep dive into new and exiting projects.

Value: $4,997/Year

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Bring your business partner, friend, spouse, brother, mother, sister. They can join the coaching and mentoring program completely FREE.




• Gold Coast
• Melbourne
• Perth
• You and a friend
• This market will not wait!

Value: $8,997






3 Monthly Installments of


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