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Tuesday, May 25th - 11am AEST (Sydney)
***Equivalent to Monday, May 24th – 9pm EDT (New York)

Sunday, May 25th - 11am AEST (Sydney)
***Equivalent to Saturday, May 24th – 9pm EDT (New York)

As a reminder, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Bitcoin vs. Gold and the future of money
  • The actual math behind how Jim Rickards comes to his 10k-50k gold price.
  • What he believes to be the safest asset in the world
  • What threatens the dollar, and can make gold prices soar way faster
  • Why buying Bitcoin is like playing with fire
  • Why we could see the collapse of civilization as a result of Bitcoin
  • The bubble that just won’t go away that could destroy the US dollar
  • The vaccine rollout and how it will impact the world economy and life as we know it
  • The countries that are about to enter a severe recession
  • What really makes Bitcoin move so fast and what to watch out for if you own or trade Bitcoin
  • What Jim’s research reveals about how the economy is going to shift radically over the next 18 months - and how you can make extreme profits from what’s unfolding

Plus, James will answer these burning questions:

  • Should you buy gold or wait?
  • Are we about to experience inflation?
  • What is the safest investment in the coming months and years?
  • Are we over the pandemic and on the road to recovery?
  • Will US stocks continue to rally?
  • 65% stock market crash?
  • Will interest rates rise or fall?
  • Will the Dollar lose value?
  • Will gold protect you during inflation?
  • What to own as a long term investor? Cash? Real estate? Businesses?
  • What is about to unfold in the next 3 months, 6 months and year?
  • Are we heading towards a massive currency crisis the likes the world has never seen?
  • Is bitcoin a bubble? Is bitcoin a ponzi or pyramid scheme?
  • What is in store for real estate in Australia, the US and Europe? Will house prices head north or are we closing in on a never-before-seen bust?

Make sure to come a few minutes early as there are limited spots available due to platform capacity.

See you there!

Greg Owen

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