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The most accurate real estate forecaster reveals: All the reasons for a next real estate boom until 2026

Phil Anderson

Akhil Patel

Greg Owen


12pm AEST (Sydney) / 3am BST (London)

Wednesday, May 25th at 10pm (New York)


8pm AEST (Sydney) / 11am BST (London)

6am EST (New York)

Based on the most accurate real estate cycle, there is a window of opportunity opening up right now – to profit from current events with real estate.

Unfortunately, many investors and business owners who do not understand property cycles can’t make the best strategic decisions about how and when to get out of investments. As a result, they make the wrong moves at the wrong times. For example, many real estate investors make big decisions close to market peaks when optimism is high and funding is easily available.

The major peaks very quickly turn to recessions and depressions catching many investors and businesses out and causing extreme damage in the process.

To ensure you are making the right investment moves at the right time and not be blindsided by so called ‘black swan’ events, we are running a special livestream event featuring world renowned real estate forecaster Phil Anderson.


12pm AEST (Sydney) / 3am BST (London)
Wednesday, May 25th at 10pm (New York)


8pm AEST (Sydney) / 11am BST (London)
6am EST (New York)

According to Phil Anderson, nothing will push off the real estate boom into 2026.

  • Not war
  • Not inflation
  • Not higher interest rates

And if you think the rhetoric around digital currencies and the possible decentralisation of reserve banks will stop it – you’re wrong.

In fact, what's occurring around currencies is simply a repeat of history.

So in this special LIVE presentation, Phil will reveal:

  • All the reasons to be bullish now and into 2026
  • When the next stock market selloff is due to occur
  • Why now is the best time to buy a home or investment property (and when to cash up)
  • Where we are in the stock market, commodity and real estate cycle and when the next major turning points will be
  • How to prepare for a GFC style crash later in the decade – what will top first and when
  • How to view history in 18-year real estate 'segments'
  • Where crypto fits into the cycle
  • The impact of crypto backed mortgages on this cycle
  • Property and economic myths made by the ‘experts’ will be dispelled
  • A clear perspective on what and when to capitalise on the market via the Grand Cycle Investment Strategy
  • How the boom bust economy works and why it’s in the DNA of the economy.

You see, Phil Anderson can categorically say that the Western economies exhibit an 18.6 year real estate cycle. Generally this averages out as 14 years up and 4 years down.
In fact a study of US history, reveals a very clear (average) 18.6 cycle in US real estate prices, measured from peak to peak. And according to Phil’s research, the Australian, UK and other Western countries follow the US at the major market moves.

The roughly 18-year timing of the boom bust is uncanny.

And note, with every peak in US real estate, a bust soon followed. And this cycle has simply continued into the 21st century.

Source: Ascendant Strategy

Economic cycles create magnificent booms then devastating busts. It’s been repeating like this for over 200 years. And when you understand these economic cycles, it’s easy to work out when these booms and busts are likely to occur.

And if you can forecast correctly, you can make money, protect your capital, make informed business and investment decisions and leave a legacy for your family. Because as an investor, trader or business owner, you’re at the mercy of these boom bust cycles.

Take the Covid-19 pandemic for example where governments worldwide have all but thrown the kitchen sink at it.
Well even that event is not unprecedented. It’s reminiscent of 100 years ago from 1919 – 1921 when 50 million people died from the Spanish Flu.

And what happened after that?

The biggest bull market of all time. You’d know it as ‘The Roaring Twenties’.

It proves that the underlying structure of the economy never changes, despite the endless fiddling and additions in regulations and laws.

Each 18.6-year cycle consists of an average 14 years up. Then four years down.

Each 14-years up can further be broken into two parts. Around seven years each, split by a mid- cycle slowdown or recession.

The final two years of the 14 years up is called the “Winner’s Curse” period. By then asset prices are overvalued and highly leveraged. This is not the time to be all in and highly leveraged.

This occurs in nearly all western countries.

Source: Ascendant Strategy and Money Week magazine 2014

So based on the 18.6 cycle, parts of 2022 will be recessionary and involve a bear market. And for some it will be a painful time. But should history repeat, markets are likely to recover strongly because it’s in the second half of the cycle where the biggest gains are made.
That still lies in front of you.

Plus, since the real estate cycle is now a global one, that means the current boom is likely to be even bigger than the one before.

And not to mention emerging markets – where there is so much more room to grow.

So at this LIVE online event, you will be guided in advance of the likely movements and timings in the property and sharemarket asset classes as well as the overall economy.

So secure your place now, you’ll be glad you did.

And remember, since the event is LIVE, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Phil Anderson.
We guarantee that this livestream will educate you so that you can make profitable business and investment decisions at the right time – and importantly enable you to protect your assets from loss well in advance of the economic downturns when the majority of investors get caught out and be in a very advantageous position.

The information that will be shared is unique and exclusive, and we urge you to secure your place now before it’s too late.

WARNING: Our livestream platform only holds 1,000 people, so if the registration tab takes you to a message that says “Sorry, all livestream spots are allocated” then unfortunately that means you’ve missed out.


12pm AEST (Sydney) / 3am BST (London)
Wednesday, May 25th at 10pm (New York)


8pm AEST (Sydney) / 11am BST (London)
6am EST (New York)

As a result of attending the livestream, you could:

  • Experience a huge lift in your understanding of how the economy works
  • Enjoy a vast improvement in your ability to profit from this knowledge
  • Start enjoying higher returns and alleviate common financial stresses 
  • Save hours from researching the market yourself
  • Remove the guesswork out of real estate investing
  • Sleep well at night knowing your investments are growing
  • Have an incredibly powerful advantage by accessing advanced knowledge of when these peaks and turns will occur

But don’t take our word for it.

Here is just a fraction of what people have experienced as a result of Phil Anderson’s share market and real estate forecasts:

“As a testament to your service, I pulled my funds out of the market over 2019 and waited for the drop that you said would come and got back in within a week of the March 23rd low. Where not only did I not lose a cent in the drop, I ended up around 30% on my portfolio before I pulled the majority out last week.”


20th Sept 2020

“I’ve tried a few systems in the past, all touting they have the magic bullet to predicting the future of markets with great precision. My foot! Your system of cycles is a great tool for investing at the right time and place.”


April 2020

“I have saved and made many thousands of dollars from the wisdom you have passed on regarding reading the economy and understanding the cycles. I have been able to avoid and in fact profit from the GFC. Your predictions of moves in the Gold market have also proved very profitable. Understanding the Property Cycle has enabled me to make very timely Property sales and purchases. The ability to read the charts has also helped me to time locking in interest rates at low levels prior to huge rises from 2002 -2007.”


(Melbourne) 2013

"You guys can deliver the most valuable information effectively with all the
crap cut out (for any trader)."


GB, Switzerland and Melbourne, 2013

This livestream can literally help you take your investments to the next level and increase your returns considerably while minimizing your risks.

So secure your place now, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain


12pm AEST (Sydney) / 3am BST (London)
Wednesday, May 25th at 10pm (New York)


8pm AEST (Sydney) / 11am BST (London)
6am EST (New York)

Phil Anderson

About Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson has studied economics and markets for over 25 years. He is the acclaimed author of The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking.

Since 1991, he has provided economic forecasting services to a large following of investors who have since benefited from his life changing market insights.

Back in 2001 for example, Phil successfully called the economic peak that occurred in 2007.
He suggested that people prepare for a major economic bust to follow. This ended up being what we now know as the Global Financial Crisis of 2008/09.

In addition, when the world was sure the crisis would continue Phil said that the opposite would happen, predicting that from 2010 the recovery would begin and would be led by US stocks.
This is exactly what happened.

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