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Equivalent to: Sunday, January 23rd 6pm EST (New York)

The warlike debate set to shock people and deeply impact traders and investors

Monday, January 24th 10am AEDT  (Sydney)

Equivalent to: Sunday, January 23rd 6pm EST (New York)

Join us LIVE here:

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Since the debate will be live, please make sure you join us a few minutes early, and have your questions ready.

To give you the clarity you deserve and a plan for the future, Peter and Harry will discuss in depth the future of the economy, make bold predictions and share how to protect and grow your wealth pre-crash and post-crash.

So during this world war III LIVE debate, you will discover:

  • The opportunities ahead for you to profit, after the crash occurs
  • The immediate ways to make gains in this print money economy
  • The countries that will emerge stronger after the collapse
  • The unique method for tenfold returns during a market crash
  • The currency that is being inflated out and how to protect yourself
  • How to become crash proof right now if you’re a trader or investor or simply hold assets
  • What has peaked for ever, and will never reach new highs
  • What will be the ultimate trigger that will make the world economy collapse
  • The dangerous approach amidst record trade deficits, record money printing and record budget deficits
  • The one asset class to get as far away from
  • What is about to make new highs – and how to position yourself right now to make gains
  • What Harry Dent and Peter Schiff are stocking up on right now and why
  • The 2 very important dates to watch out for
  • The date the world will be on sale
  • The 4 surviving cryptocurrencies in the coming years

What the Fed will never allow to happen and what this means for us

How the Fed will “save us” when the economy crashesDo whatever it takes to be there.

Here is the link to join us LIVE:

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Greg Owen
GOKO Group

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